Assembly is a community of people who are committed to living life without chaos and spending more time doing what they love.   

A B O U T 

Nine years ago, Cathleen Simmons took a leap into retail visual merchandising, working for a few major apparel companies. Knowing she loved styling and mixing the art of decluttering and presentation, it was a perfect fit. Opening stores, traveling and growing in her career seemed to be quite alright until February 2015 when she and her husband had a beautiful baby boy. Little did she know, that precious baby would open her eyes to see that time is invaluable and something bigger was on the horizon. Soon after, the concept that had been brewing in her heart for a long time was finally recognized and the motivation to start Assembly was undeniable. 

At Assembly, we believe in helping people de-stress and feel joy and peace of mind through organization and tidiness.

Let us simplify your life so you can focus on the fun stuff.